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2022 Invasive Weed Conference - videos & pictures

Welcome to our '2022 Invasive Weed Conference' replay page!  Following on from the conference in November and over the early weeks and months of 2023, we will be gradually 'drip releasing' all of the video presentations from the day leading to many hours of insights, knowledge and high quality CPD learning.

For now however, we have pulled together both the 'highlights video' and pictures from the day. Look out for the first video presentation being released in the first 2 weeks of January with further presentations being released shortly after... 

Recent Conference Video:

Life after glyphosate: Tried and tested

In this video presentation, Alan Abel from Complete Weed Control discusses life after glyphosate and the 2021 trials into the alternative approaches to weed control in urban areas. 

Future use of glyphosate: why we need to consider the alternatives

In this video presentation from PCA's Technical Manager Dr Peter Fitzsimons, we take a look at the use of glyphosate, its possible use in the future and what we should take into account when considering the alternatives.

View the pictures from the day

To view the pictures from the day, simply click on the button below. For all those who attended, you may see a picture or two with you in it!

Hopefully, we will see many of you again at the ‘2023 International Invasive Weed Conference'.  Look out for information regarding next year's conference over the coming months via our newsletter or social media channels. 

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2022 Invasive Weed Conference Pictures - Property Care Association

More videos will be released soon...

Look out for more video presentations from the conference, which will be released throughout 2023. Keep an eye on the PCA Members weekly email or our social media channels for news...

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